Snuffle Mat Puzzle Feeders

Snuffle Mat Puzzle Feeders

The “Snuffle Mat” puzzle feeder is a great way to challenge your dog’s mind while they eat, or to slow your dog down if they eat too fast. It exercises their brain as they search all the pockets for kibble or whatever treats you put there. There are different levels of challenges available depending on the one you get. We chose the “Smelly Matty” one, and it came with extra pieces to make it super challenging if you really want to challenge your dog’s mind.

While puzzle feeders are fun, you do need to make sure you don’t frustrate your dog with them. If your dog initially has a lot of trouble figuring it out, help them, and keep it fun. Eventually they’ll have it mastered, and then you can increase the challenge gradually by hiding the food deeper inside the pockets, or by using the extra items (if included).

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