Keep an eye on your dog – Wyze Cam

Keep an eye on your dog – Wyze Cam

Wyze Cam – Keep an eye on your dog

The Wyze Cam 1080p HD Indoor Wireless Smart Home Camera with Night Vision and 2-Way Audio is what we use to peek at Zulu and Zinga when we aren’t home. It’s inexpensive and works great!
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Wyze provides internet connected cameras at a really reasonable price. That’s what first attracted us to them. We did some research to make sure that the company was trustworthy, and that their security was sufficient.

You can store captured video in the cloud if desired, or you can disable that feature entirely.

There is also a micro SD slot so you can record to the device privately – with sound.

The Wyze Cam functions as a two-way audio link as well, so if your dog is misbehaving, you can get their attention and distract them.

The camera can be set up easily, and sitting on any flat surface, can be angled as needed to capture the whole room. You can also mount to to a vertical surface or upside down using the included magnetic plate.

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